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   What is going on in this world today Folks? Well, If you ask Me? I’d say there is entirely TOO MUCH BULLYING! We have Verbal Bullying, Cyber Bullying, Social Bullying, as well as the ALL TOO FAMILIAR Physical Bullying…and I was created to bring AWARENESS to it all with my BRAND NEW I Just Say NO To Bullying” Awareness Campaign! Did you know that 1 out of every five students report being bullied? A much higher percentage of male than female students reported being physically bullied; and over 40% of adults reported that they have personally experienced bullying in some type of form or fashion in their lifetime. So it’s not just us kids who are going through this pandemic-like nonsense on a daily basis; it’s happening to us all! That’s why I need your help in bringing much needed awareness to it so we can STOMP OUT “Bullying” and get rid of it ONCE & FOR ALL!

   How can I help you may ask? Well, you can help by buying one of my “I Just Say NO To Bullying” awareness t-shirts and wear it LOUDLY! Wear it PROUDLY! Wear it EVERYWHERE YOU GO! The more t- shirts that gets seen by the Bully, then the more he or she will want to go and hide under a rock; because they will see that we are coming at them, and we are coming at them in FULL FORCE! Also, one of my hopes and dreams of the future is to one day become a physical Mascot so that I can visit several schools around the country and speak to everyone about bullying, the dangers of it, and the need to get rid of it FOREVER! So if you would like to help me achieve that goal, then you can help me further by donating towards our cause and supporting our kids apparel store as well...and TOGETHER, we will all be able to JUST SAY NO TO BULLYING!


Stacey Wynn, Creator/Owner

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